My first week at home

It was Friday the 13th 2020. The day seemed like an ordinary Friday but it wasn’t. We got the information that we weren’t allowed to come to school from Monday till the end of the Easter holidays because of the coronavirus. You might think that this was cool but it wasn’t. Everyone packed all his things in order to be able to study at home and all the teachers came to give us (a lot of) worksheets. When school was over all the kids left with all their stuff and to me it seemed a little bit like the end of the world.


On Monday morning the first day of homeschool began. Although I got up a little bit later, I was tired but that didn’t matter. The weather was great that’s why I decided to go for a walk after I had had breakfast. When I came back, I started with the school work immediately. Later I had lunch with my family. I must admit that every day was pretty much the same but what did I expect? I did some more school work after lunch until the time I would have had school that day. In the afternoon I always spent some time in the garden to play with my siblings or read a book. Later in the evening I sometimes Facetimed with my friends.


I don’t like homeschooling to be honest. I just can't concentrate as well as I did in school. Another thing I don’t like about it is the fact that you have to write an email to a teacher every time you need to ask something and then you have to wait until the teacher replies. Luckily most of the teachers reply very fast but I am nevertheless not a fan of homeschool. I know that a lot of students say they aren’t interested in going to school but I know that after this everybody will be happy to return to school.


written by Annika Wolkerstorfer