Vienna English Theatre:  The LITTLE PRINCE

This year the 3rd and 4th year went to watch the Vienna English Theatre’s performance  “The Little Prince”. Here are some impressions of the kids:

The story of “The Little Prince” tells us a lot about friendship, bonding, trust and dreams. The plot is highly inspiring and it was just awesome to watch the four young actors playing. From our point of view we would highly recommend watching or reading it – no matter what age you are. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Vera Enzenhofer and Lina Schauflinger

In our opinion the actors’ performance and their singing was absolutely great and we were deeply impressed by the actor who played different characters so incredibly well. All in all every single actor/actress put so many emotions in their acting, so we would definitely want to watch the play for a second time.

Written by Julia Kaar and Leonie Lehner